KÖLLA offers “full-fruit service”
from cultivation to marketing.


Cultivation of fruitS and vegetables is a matter of trust

Everything we do, we do the right way. That’s why our fruits and vegetables are only cultivated and packaged by producers with whom...

Quality management:

We never let our fruits and vegetables out of our sight

In order to ensure the quality of our products, we collaborate with an independent quality management company. A firm that accompanies us and our growers over the course of...


Flexibility, Punctuality, Availability

In order to be able to supply all customers with fresh and delicious goods, we work quickly and flexibly and...

Purchasing from a single source:

Fresh fruits and vegetables; as much and as often as you like

An important component of our corporate philosophy is to provide retailers and, ultimately, consumers with the same excellent quality of fruits and vegetables in a...


We harvest a lot of praise for our IT

Because of a highly developed KÖLLA IT system, we are in the position to ensure a rapid and...

Own brands:

Name-brand fruit and vegetable quality

With such pleasant sounding names as OTELLO, ALINDA and EMILIE consumers around the world sometimes associate these with...


Brand-name quality: individual and exclusive

KÖLLA would not be KÖLLA if we would only offer the standard products in a higher quality...


We accept it

As a successful internationally operating company, we do not only pay attention that our fruits and vegetables are sown,...


Reliability: signed, sealed and delivered

Rely on KÖLLA, your sympathetic fruit and vegetable experts. True to our motto “Fruits of Trust”,...