The whole world of fruit

Sweet berries, crunchy peppers, juicy oranges: We bring freshness to your shelves. From A for apples to Z for zucchini, we deliver the whole world of sun-drenched fruit and vegetables. Constant quality controls ensure healthy and fresh fruit.

Our range includes more than 300 different products that are lovingly grown in a wide variety of areas. Our global presence enables the year-round and diverse availability of products such as grapes, citrus, stone fruit, pome fruit and a multitude of vegetables: 365 days a year, everything from a single source.

Anbau nach Wunsch


Well harvested – our production

The chain of our production ranges from the cultivation and the guidance of the producers over logistics and quality management up to packaging and marketing.

Our Global GAP certified producers are carefully selected and their cultivation is supported right from the start. Many of the relationships with our producers exist for several decades and are based on deep trust.

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Aubergine 20% Linie 1 bei Aubergine Sun 40% Linie 2 bei Aubergine Passion 40% Linie 3 bei Aubergine Experience

Best quality – from the beginning

Which certifications and standards need first-class fruit and vegetables? Where are the best possible locations for growing which varieties? Which legal requirements and guidelines have to be respected and how can fruit get even more tasty and healthy to your points of sale? In addition, what does the perfect label look like?

KÖLLA is setting high standards – with our quality management we stand for a first-class product – right from the start. Compliance with legal requirements, constant monitoring of pesticide residues, trust in our partners and certified cultivation are the land on which our fruit grows.