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We are convinced that effective quality control has to begin at production level to avoid problems before they can arise.

The Stolper QualityConsultancy is in continuous contact with the exporters from all countries and regularly pay visits to ensure that good agricultural practice is kept.

Furthermore they control the plant protection concepts, organise workshops with experts from development and research facilities, aid the producers through GlobalGAP certification and coach them according to the requirements of the Kölla customers.


To ensure our customers a consistently clean quality, we regularly have our products tested for pesticide residues. After analysing the various influencing factors, such as weather conditions in the producing region, the volumes or the results of previous analyses, our quality management decide how the assessment scheme will be implemented. Our customers are welcome to view the results of the laboratory tests filed in our comprehensive data base.

Residue Levels

Remaining below the maximum residue level of their particular country is a basic requirement that we demand from our producers. Furthermore we keep to the specifications required by our customers. These are directly communicated to our producers and implemented in their production plan.