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The KÖLLA Overseas B.V. has specialised in organising the import and export of fruit and vegetables from and to Latin-America, Africa and Asia in a transparent and reliable way.

KÖLLA Overseas is composed of a multinational team and has many years of experience in the marketing of fresh produce. Through our certified producers worldwide, we are able to supply our customers with high-quality fruit and vegetables, whether mainstream, specialty or innovation, all year round. 

Through constant on-site presence, consultation and analysis from the field to the POS, KÖLLA has developed manifold partnerships based on mutual trust, sustainability and responsibility.

Contact KÖLLA Venlo/Overseas

KÖLLA Overseas B.V.
Venrayseweg 148
NL – 5928RH Venlo

PHONE +49 2131 66 13 209
FAX +49 2131 66 13 410 

Wir sind sowohl auf den Import von europäischen Obst- und Gemüseprodukten als auch auf Überseeware nach Italien spezialisiert. Hier nutzt KÖLLA Italia das hervorragende, weltweite Netzwerk von Produzenten und die Logistik der KÖLLA Gruppe, um den italienischen Markt optimal bedienen zu können. 


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