OTELLO made by KÖLLA – in the new Paper Bag, in a stylish design



KÖLLA’s white and black Italian grapes under the OTELLO private label have been available in the newly designed Paper Bag since week 31.
In the course of the sustainability debate, OTELLO by KÖLLA has banned plastic and designed new paper bags. OTELLO, a traditional brand of the KÖLLA Group since 1995, now presents itself with a fresh, young look.
6 OTELLO bags with white or black, seeded or seedless grapes are packed in the classic 40×30 carton, 112 per pallet. Already in week 29 the OTELLO grapes had a Brix value of 14-16°, for packing and loading in the middle of week 31 they had the desired sweetness of 18°+ Brix. The proven and long-standing producers have been working closely with the KÖLLA Group for many years and this is where trust bears fruit. Concentrated experience in quality for OTELLO by KÖLLA grapes, true to the motto

trust it – like it

The OTELLO by KÖLLA contact persons look forward to receiving your enquiries.