EMILIE grapes from India… a success all along the line

The Indian grape season has just ended and KÖLLA Overseas is reflecting on how it has gone. What started as a first attempt to market grapes in KÖLLA’s own brand EMILIE has turned out to be a complete success.

6 x 800-850g grapes in branded paper handle bags and open 5kg carton, 1 container per week, was the plan. “We knew the quality of the grapes was very good so we decided to use our own brand for this. We did not expect that we would have such a success,” Saskia Bergmann, Managing Director of KÖLLA Overseas, is pleased to say.
The KÖLLA Group’s friendly EMILIE brand won over so many customers that the containers were already sold before they reached the port. EMILIE grapes have not only conquered the German market, but also the BENELUX countries. “Not least for reasons of sustainability, we have also further optimised ourselves in the area of packaging and have our beautiful EMILIE paper bags and boxes produced locally in each case,” explains Saskia Bergmann. “Not only does this save us CO2, because previously the packaging was not produced locally, but it also saves us a lot of time.”

“After this positive experience, we definitely want to expand the offer,” says Jose Claure, responsible Managing Director Purchasing at KÖLLA Overseas. Since KÖLLA OVERSEAS was founded in 2016, the company has identified best producers worldwide and designated them as partners. All with the aim of living up to the self-imposed claim of supplying a higher quality of table grapes than the market demands. This commitment and the friendly Emilie brand offer KÖLLA Overseas the opportunity to market table grapes of superior quality throughout the upcoming 2021/2022 overseas campaign.

May 2021