More and more in focus: tomato specialities

Specialities and small tomatoes are becoming more and more popular in Europe, Morocco and Turkey compared to round and other classic tomato varieties. This trend is also distinctive in the KÖLLA producing countries. In Spain, …

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High season of heat waves – citrus fruits from southern Europe

The tasty citrus fruits from Spain, Italy and Greece are in peak season from October to May. Due to the increased heat waves and dry spells this summer, there have been water shortages that will …

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Almeria vegetables coming

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchinis and eggplants are the main component of the growing area in Almeria, Spain. In the eastern part of the region, in addition to the traditional tomato cultivation, the producers rely mainly …

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Pomegranates from the mediterranean region

The red fruit along the Mediterranean region

Originally from Central Asia, the red, slightly sour fruit is today not only of great importance in its region of origin, but has also gained in esteem in the Mediterranean region. It is mainly cultivated …

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Herbst-Feigen am Baum

Quality figs from Spanish cultivation

In addition to a large number of winter growing areas in South America, the fig is particularly widespread in the Mediterranean region during the summer months. As one of the main fig producers, Spain concentrates …

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European apricots by OTELLO

The late frosts have led to shortfalls in the apricot crop in all parts of Europe. Italy started the apricot season about 5 weeks ago in southern Italy. As several varieties ripened at the same …

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EMILIE grapes from India… a success all along the line

The Indian grape season has just ended and KÖLLA Overseas is reflecting on how it has gone. What started as a first attempt to market grapes in KÖLLA’s own brand EMILIE has turned out to …

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Start of the spanish stone fruit season

It is the start of the season in Huelva – the first nectarines and peaches from the greenhouse are harvested in limited quantities. In calendar week 14, the goods were already packed and loaded in …

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Diversified harvest of spanish cherries

This year, the cherry harvest in Spain is expected to be about 70% of last year’s crop, according to forecasts so far. Despite the announced rain front in calendar week 15 and 16, the harvest …

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Not just a LEMON

An impressive area with very fertile soils where very special fruits grow – one of them is the extraordinary Sorrento lemon. A lemon that stands out above all for its ingredients, smell and edibility of …

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