KÖLLA goes international – ALINDA Cherries in South Africa

For a good 10 weeks now, KÖLLA Turkey has been delivering the well-known ALINDA cherries not only throughout Europe, but also as far as South Africa. In calibers 22/24, 26+ and 28+, each in boxes of 5kg lots, the ALINDA cherries were sent to the regions Cape Town and Johannesburg. The response to the exceptional quality of Turkish ALINDA cherries and the smooth cooperation with customers was so convincing that KÖLLA Turkey will now also expand its product range.
« After a trial delivery, the customers were so enthusiastic that we were able to establish a small program for the first time » said Mert Gül, Sales Manager Global based in Izmir. « Quality and handling were so positive that we will now deliver Turkish fresh figs next week ». A great success for the youngest branch of the KÖLLA Group.