KÖLLA UK Ltd. | Maidstone Studios
New Cut Road  | Vinters Park |  Maidstone, Kent ME14 5NZ

The KÖLLA Group is committed to European expansion and is represented by KÖLLA UK LIMITED in Great Britain.

Kent was deliberately chosen as the location because of short distances to many customers and the ideal international connections. The team on site is professional, very experienced and full of enthusiasm to meet all the requirements of the English and Irish markets.

KÖLLA UK is ideally positioned to meet the special market requirements of the English market in terms of volume, types and quality standards.

KÖLLA Overseas B.V. | Venrayseweg 148 | NL – 5928RH Venlo
TEL. +49 2131 66 13 209 | FAX  +49 2131 66 13 410

The KÖLLA Overseas B.V. has specialised in organising the import and export of fruit and vegetables to and from Latin and South America, Africa and Asia transparently and reliably.

The international team at KÖLLA Overseas has many years of experience in the FRESH marketing. Through our network of connected certified producers worldwide, we are able to supply our customers with high-quality fruit and vegetables, whether mainstream, specialty or innovation, throughout the entire year.

Through constant on-site presence, guidance and analysis from the field to the POS, KÖLLA has built a wide range of partnerships from the ground up, based on mutual trust, sustainability and responsibility.

KÖLLA GmbH & Co. KG | An der Gümpgesbrücke 7 | D – 41564 Kaarst
Tel +49-2131-66 13 0 | Fax +49-2131-66 13 400 E-Mail: duesseldorf@koella.com

KÖLLA Düsseldorf have focussed on serving German customers in the food retail and traditional import trade of fruit and vegetables for over 60 years. KÖLLA Düsseldorf offers the entire variety of fruit and vegetables – including the organic range. In this way, we can guarantee a complete supply of our products from a wide variety of growing regions in Europe from a single source.

More than 50 competent and motivated employees from more than 7 countries work closely together in a dynamic team, trade our fresh fruit and vegetables, including the organic range and organise the fastest deliveries for you every day. We are close to our customers and close to our products.

KÖLLA AG | Worbstrasse 170 | CH – 3073 Gümligen
Tel: +41-31-359 29 29 | Fax: +41-31-359 29 30 E-Mail: bern@koella.com

Bern is a historical place for KÖLLA, as the company was founded in Bern in 1921. In the past years a successful generation change in our fruit and vegetable team has taken place. The young but experienced team at KÖLLA AG in Bern looks after the markets in Switzerland and Austria and has a direct contact to all quality growers that produce for the KÖLLA Group. Whether in Europe, overseas, Turkey or the Balkans – KÖLLA fruit and vegetables are cultivated for Bern in the world’s best growing regions.

In addition, with the BIO SUISSE certification, KÖLLA AG is authorised to market the entire European and overseas organic range for fruit and vegetables in Switzerland.

KÖLLA München GmbH | Maistraße 45 | D – 80337 Munich
Tel.: +49-89-74 72 14 0 | Fax: +49-89-74 72 14 40 | E-Mail: muenchen@koella.com

KÖLLA Munich is the expert for fresh fruit and vegetables varieties from Turkey. Our producers from Greece, Hungary and other Balkan countries are also well looked after from here.

For many years we have been directly involved in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in Turkey and the Balkans. It has been a commitment that has been successfully “bearing fruit” for a long time. Our consistent quality management makes it possible to successfully serve the European food retail and import trade with Turkish and Eastern European fruit and vegetables.

With our well known KÖLLA transparency, competence and continuity, we will further expand our success in Munich and look forward to a fruitful and partnership-based cooperation with customers and partners every day.

TEL. +39 0471 365 664 FAX +39 0471 365 432

KÖLLA Italia, one of the younger members of the KÖLLA family, was founded in March 2016 in Bolzano, northern Italy.

We specialize in the import of European fruit and vegetable products as well as overseas goods to Italy. Here, KÖLLA Italia uses the excellent, worldwide network of producers and the logistics of the KÖLLA Group to best serve the Italian market.

In addition, Italian fruit and vegetables are exported to Europe and overseas. The agile team from Bolzano specifically binds northern Italian producers and their products – such as berries, pears, kiwis and stone fruit – to the KÖLLA Group and strives to procure selected qualities for our markets.

KÖLLA Turkey A.S. | Fatih Mahallesi 1191 Sokak No: 5/6 | 35410 Sarnıç-Gaziemir-İzmir
Tel +90 232 2204346 Fax +90 232204347 | E-Mail turkey@koella.com

With the opening of the KÖLLA location in Turkey in 2018, we are consistently pursuing our path to proximity in production. Our branch in Izmir puts us in an even better position to inspect the cherry plantations, to personally monitor the ripeness of the pomegranates and to exchange ideas individually with our growers every day. In addition, due to its geographical location and excellent infrastructure, Izmir is ideally suited to efficiently and cost-effectively supply all markets with Turkish agricultural products, acting as a bridge between east and west.

KÖLLA FRANCE SAS | 990 Avenue de Londres |
66000 Perpignan | Tel.:  +33 4 303 236 11 | E-Mail: roussillon@koella.com

Due to its strategic location, our site in Roussillon guarantees the KÖLLA Group the security of checking all goods from the Iberian Peninsula and Italy before delivery.

Our team sits at the heart of the Saint Charles international transhipment hub and can always guarantee up-to-the-minute information on prices and availability. KÖLLA Roussillon SAS specialises in the trade of stone fruit and vegetables, where we focus on a premium ratatouille range and mini-vegetables from local or Andalusian production. In addition, we have also set up organic departments which enable us to offer a wide range of organic products all year round. Thanks to our additional office in Rungis, we are very close to our customers in order to respond to the market’s needs on a daily basis

KÖLLA Valencia, S.L. | c/Justicia, 4 – oficina 11D | E – 46004 Valencia
Tel.: +34-96 353 18 32 | Fax: +34-96 353 18 99 | E-Mail: valencia@koella.com

Valencia is our location in Spain, from where we control the farming of Spanish fruit and vegetables from the growing regions in order to supply them to customers in many European countries every day. Valencia is also the location from which we manage the worldwide import of fruit and vegetables to Spain.

ur office in Valencia is in constant contact with all other KÖLLA offices in order to use existing synergies in the area of quality control (in the field and upon arrival of the goods) and in the areas of international logistics and market information.

In addition, KÖLLA Valencia, together with our partner offices in Almeria and Seville, guarantees the intensive support and guidance of our contract growers in all production areas in Spain.