Tradition meets trend

Our actions are based on 100 years of experience in production, logistics and the worldwide marketing of fruit and vegetables.

Freshness? Quality? Sustainability? Effectiveness? Flexibility? We make the difference. Because we live fairness, rely on transparency and give trust as your competent, independent partner in the supply chain.

With an awareness of responsibility and traditions on the one hand and a view at changes in values and new market opportunities on the other hand, the circle between tradition and trend closes at KÖLLA.

Ensure the best fruit and vegetables

Which certifications and standards need first-class fruit and vegetables? Where are the best possible locations for growing which varieties? Which legal requirements and guidelines have to be respected and how can fruit get even more tasty and healthy to your points of sale? In addition, what does the perfect label look like? 

KÖLLA is setting high standards – with our quality management we stand for a first-class product – right from the start. Compliance with legal requirements, constant monitoring of pesticide residues, trust in our partners and certified cultivation are the land on which our fruit grows. With good seeds on fertile soil, selected producers who grow their products with love and care, and with constant quality controls, we can meet these demands.

Natural talents on the way

We set standards with our own transport company Top Line to ensure that your “stars of tomorrow” are well received by you today. Short distances through many locations and coordinated organizational processes guarantee reliability and punctuality.

With speed and flexibility, our logisticians and dispatchers always keep an eye on their goods and choose the direct route from the field to the trade. Transparency, cost efficiency and sustainability have absolute priority.

KÖLLA logistic 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. For the best enjoyment. For you.