Dried fruits & Nuts

Dried fruits and nuts from Turkey are the latest project of the KÖLLA Group. 

Turkey is one of the largest producers of dried fruit in the world and has been exporting to over 150 countries for more than a century. Its unique geographical location offers plenty of sunshine, a dry Mediterranean climate, fertile soil and the right amount of rainfall, which makes it possible to grow a diverse range of plants.

Dried fruits such as grapes, apricots, figs and tomatoes are popular Turkish products, while hazelnuts and pistachios also have a long tradition in harvesting and trading. 

KÖLLA has high demands on quality. We want to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. As a partner, we support our expert growers in their efforts to grow healthy and high-quality products for our customers. The close cooperation based on support and advice on agricultural methods guarantees the best quality and success.

Here you can access our detailed brochure.

Our sultanas – the medium sized, yellow-green, dried grapes are soft and unique in taste 

Our apricots are picked from 8 million trees and dried in the hot climate of the Malatya region

Our Turkish figs are not only famous for the volume of trade, but also for their special quality. The exceptionally aromatic variety Sarılop is golden yellow in colour, particularly large and soft in texture.

Our tomatoes from the Aegean and Antalya region are pickled in salt and dried for several days in the hot summer sun. The result is a dark red colour, an aromatic taste and a high concentration of vitamins and minerals.

Our fine hazelnuts of the type Giresun and Levant, have their origin in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Our popular Antep and Siirt snack pistachios are also called “green gold” by the locals.

Further information: dryfruits@koella.com and nuts@koella.com

Contact us – the “KÖLLA Dried Fruits & Nuts” team with years of experience in quality management, logistics, customs clearance and trade will provide you with an individual offer with the best price/performance ratio.


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