Our design is with a look

Get attention at the POS

Whether designed according to your style guide or according to your individual wishes, whether proven materials or setting new standards whether in a practical format or generously staged – our packaging designers ensure attention at your sales booth. From packaging to sales-promoting POS material.

Our designers can do even more: In addition to the shiny presentation of your goods, we employ new materials in order to fulfil standards such as environmental awareness, sustainability and transparency. In line with the new packaging law, we rely on plastic reduction or sustainable packaging materials such as bioplastic or garden compostable films and trays – we have the correct outfit for every taste.

Corrugated cardboard punnets made from fully compostable grass paper, citrus nets made entirely from cellulose and thus absolutely sustainable or food-graded recycled paper for the presentation of your goods – These are just a few of our innovations in packaging that can turn your fruits into global stars.

Like this, we do not only meet the growing demand for the careful use of natural resources and promotional design, but we also meet EU standards, ensure transparency and create trust between producers and customers.