We grow real natural treasures

As a globally operating company, we provide you with first-class fruit and vegetables. Highest quality standards, long-standing partners who cultivate their products with care and passion, strong logistics management and sustainable packaging are the ground on which our produce grows.

We are on site, advising our growers, controlling the quality of our produce and ensure that all fruit and vegetables arrive fresh and on time at your point of sale.

With our flexibility and independence, we are backing your successful business appearance. You can rely on our complete supply, efficient logistics and punctual daily deliveries.
Trust us.

We hope to inspire you with our 100 years of experience, dynamic and highly qualified employees and with an absolute passion for fruit and vegetables. Enjoy with us the diversity of nature.

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This is Kölla

KÖLLA – is a traditional, down-to-earth and very well networked family business with an experienced team of international employees, which attaches importance to a responsible relationship with partners and customers.

KÖLLA –  is your specialist for high quality fruit and vegetables, offering a large product range all year round. The KÖLLA Group relies on transparent solutions and social commitment and credible sustainability play an important role.

The world close by


The personal contact to the producers on the one hand and the worldwide networking on the other hand make KÖLLA what it is:
A long-established company that thinks globally.



Countries of origin

Years of experience


More and more in focus: tomato specialities

Specialities and small tomatoes are becoming more and more popular in Europe, Morocco and Turkey compared to round and other classic tomato varieties. This trend is also distinctive in the KÖLLA producing countries. In Spain, …

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High season of heat waves – citrus fruits from southern Europe

The tasty citrus fruits from Spain, Italy and Greece are in peak season from October to May. Due to the increased heat waves and dry spells this summer there have been water shortages that will …

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Almeria vegetables coming

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchinis and eggplants are the main component of the growing area in Almeria, Spain. In the eastern part of the region, in addition to the traditional tomato cultivation, the producers rely mainly …

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