grain oilseed pulses
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Grain, oilseeds, pulses and specialities for food and animal feed products

Over the past 200 years, agricultural resources have become strongly anchored in the commodity economy and have since formed the basis of a large number of food or animal feed products.

In short, they represent an important staple food for humans and animals.

Grain Oilseed Pulses

On the safe side
Whether you need crop-specific advice or a recommendation on the best time to buy – you are always on the safe side with us.

From quality to delivery reliability
We at KÖLLA Grain SA connect producers and processors. We bring the products to the factories and service companies in the desired quantity and at the right time, document the quality and organise customs clearance.
We hedge prices on behalf of farmers and processors, thus ensuring stability and security of supply.

Grain Oilseed Pulses

Contact us – the KÖLLA Grain team with years of experience in quality management,
logistics, customs clearance and trade will provide you with an individual offer with the best price/performance ratio.


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