Organic by KÖLLA

The KÖLLA Group has been active in the organic market for more than 15 years. Originally, KÖLLA Natura was a specialist for organic products from overseas regions and thus a trendsetter at a time when there was no organic hype. In continuous development, the group has also conquered Europe and, together with the partner producer companies, focuses on a wide range of products from organic and biodynamic cultivation.
Organically produced food is considered as a healthy solution for the environment and the consumer. Fewer plant protection products promise better health for people and the soil, so the appreciation of organic food is becoming more firmly anchored in consumer consciousness.

As part of the KÖLLA Group, KÖLLA Natura can draw on 100 years of knowledge and experience and is optimally positioned for the future with organic specialists in 9 locations.
“Organic” also plays an important role in sustainable packaging. What calls itself organic also wants to be packaged ecologically. Under this motto and the aspect of sustainability, KÖLLA is constantly developing innovative packaging ideas together with its partners, in grass paper, cardboard or cellulose. The future remains exciting, because nothing is more constant than change.

The KÖLLA Natura division supplies organic fruit and vegetables from organic production, focusing on the entire supply chain.
Selected partners in the field of sustainable agriculture on an international level ensure that organically grown fruit and vegetables are available to KÖLLA Natura customers throughout the country. In addition to using traditional methods and innovative technologies, the company is constantly developing cultivation processes. In this way, the authentically fresh taste of the organic produce can be guaranteed all year round.
The marketing of organic fruit and vegetables requires extensive planning, but also always a high degree of flexibility. The KÖLLA Natura team is available to its customers with concentrated organic power so that the goal of making a sustainable contribution to health and the environment is achieved.

On the way to the customer, fast logistical processing, no empty runs and the return of packaging to the recyclable material cycle have a high priority. Our trained employees always keep an eye on the organic goods and ensure that the legal requirements are met throughout the entire supply chain.
The optimisation of disposable packaging and the development of sustainable solutions for plastic packaging are at the top of KÖLLA’s sustainability to-do list. The aim is to avoid superfluous packaging materials in the long term in this way. A rethink in terms of packaging must continue to protect the goods, but also reduce global CO2 emissions.