The KÖLLA group enterprise continues its expansion and is now represented by KÖLLA UK LIMITED in the UK.

The latest subsidiary of the group, KÖLLA UK and its professional team have the passion and experience to serve all sectors of the fresh produce industry in the UK and Ireland and the company has been established in London to be as close as possible to the centre of industry policy and decision making and to be at the travel hub of the country.

Because the UK is one of the largest importers in Europe of a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables we will be there to offer over 100 varieties of products coming from all different corners of the globe, all supported by our subsidiaries and operations across the continents.  We will also work closely with local growers not only to sell locally but to open up new export markets for British and Irish produce with the support of our other partner offices.

We believe KÖLLA UK will be well able to satisfy market demands in terms of volume, varieties, and quality standards.

ContaCt TO Kölla UK

The Fresh Produce Centre
Transfesa Road
Paddock Wood
TN12 6UT

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