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We offer a very comprehensive range of products from Europe. In the past years we have significantly reduced the number of suppliers, since we only want to cooperate with the most reliable ones. Furthermore, the required professional exchange of information has become so intense that this can only be done with a few producers.

Our partners may only deliver self-produced goods or goods from producers that are well-known to us. By doing so, we stay a step ahead by eliminating unsafe additional purchases from the beginning!

Vital for us are:

  • Certification (GlobalGAP, IFS, if required, Bio [organic] certificate)
  • Open and honest cooperation in all questions pertaining to quality
  • Implementation of our requirements in relation to pesticides and maximum residual level problematic

Aside from the regular on-site visits conducted by our service provider, Stolper Qualitätsberatung GmbH, our offices and our business partners in the countries of origin regularly control our producers under the supervision of quality assurance.

Information regarding the weather, quality and problematic issues therefore reach us first-hand!
For more information, please contact:
Stolper Qualitätsberatung GmbH
Phone: +49 - 211 - 41 74 04 36
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