Spanish strawberry season in sight

This year we expect a delayed but continuous supply of strawberries from week 1/2. The total quantity is similar to last year’s and is concentrated on about 8 different strawberry varieties.

In contrast to one of the current main varieties Fortuna and the well-known San Andrea, the demand and the cultivation area of the varieties Rociera and Victory is steadily increasing. They are characterised by their long durability, their particularly attractive colouring and their excellent taste.

Jioelita, Leticia and Mirandela are of high quality with a very good taste, despite a small cultivation area. For the trade in the premium segment, we also produce the variety Calinda. It is equally convincing in terms of taste, appearance and durability.

We are in constant contact with our local strawberry specialists to obtain information as early as possible. In January, during harvest time, our specialists Hans Reichel and Felix Negri will visit the production locations in Huelva to have a direct conversation with our partners about varieties and the cultivation situation. This way, we can always be sure that our strawberries are available in the best quality and that we can deliver them directly to our customers.

Huelva, in the south-western part of Spain, produces 1/3 of all European strawberries. All KÖLLA producers are GlobalGAP and GRASP certified. This way we ensure that, for example, no illegal wells or water basins are used to irrigate our strawberries. In this way, we contribute to the preservation of the Donana nature reserve.

For the first time this season, we are also offering a cardboard tray with flow pack in our own brand EMILIE. We use the best varieties of the respective harvest day – so we can act spontaneously and specifically pack the best quality for you in EMILIE.  As usual, we also offer standard packaging with flow-pack or cover, as well as premium packaging in a flat tray 12x 400g with cover or a wooden tray with 900g or 1000g.