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Preview stone fruit

The European stone fruit sector is currently affected by 2 major issues. Firstly, of course, the Corona crisis and secondly the poor results of recent years.

Damage caused by frost in various growing areas and bad weather conditions during the flowering period, give hope that the reduced availability and better quality product will be conducive to better results.
If this hope remains unfulfilled, further plantations will probably be uprooted or abandoned in the future.


In 2020, we are already assuming a 30% to 35% overall reduction in availability. However, depending on the country and area, the loss can vary between 15% and 80%. Increased production costs, labour costs in all harvesting areas and logistics, driven by the emergency health and safety measures which need to be implemented.  This will be the basis of negotiation for reasonable prices and advertising campaigns.


The combined professional competence of the KÖLLA Group will once more be available to you this season!  Continuous supply of quality Stonefruit from 5 countries and more than 20 growing areas.
Only with good quality and delicious fruit will we be able to win over consumers in the long term.

For further details on growing areas, seasonal calendar and harvest history, please contact our experts in the individual offices. You’ll find them at: