The first signs of winter: Chestnuts

We at KÖLLA are almost at the peak of the season for chestnuts from Italy, Greece and Spain. Starting in week 38, we expect very good harvest results up to and including week 48.

30% harvest increase from Italy
– From week 38/39

In the main Italian chestnut growing regions Campania, Tuscany, Lazio and Piedmont we expect a 30% increase in volume compared to the previous season. With the exception of the large early varieties, the calibres are forecast to be medium (60-80 pieces/kg) and are therefore particularly well suited for sale in nets.

Profitable Greece
– From week 39

The Greek chestnut harvest in the Thessaly region is also comparatively positive in this season’s preview. With 20-30% more harvest, Greece is one of the top producers for us.
We currently assume that the usually larger Greek calibres of 50-60 pieces/kg will be smaller this year.

Spain: Granada & Extremadura
– From week 38/39

In our main Spanish growing regions of Granada and Extremadura, producers are currently talking about “extremely productive trees” with medium calibres. Rainfall in the last few days has helped to ensure that the harvest will take place in the next 2 weeks. Contact us for more information. If you have any questions, our chestnut specialist Biagio Aufiero will be very happy to help you.

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September, 2022